Dual-Chambered Straw Fail

I went to 7-11 this afternoon, set on obtaining the much-anticipated dual-chambered straw and cup Slurpee supplies.  Things looked promising as the front windows were plastered with posters featuring the Mix Maker line and the Slurpee machines looked like this:


Still looking promising...

But no.  No new straws or cups in sight.  I approached the owner of the store, inquiring as to where they may be.  News flash: they’re not in yet.  “When will you get them?”  I ask.  Owner shrugs.  SHRUGS?!  Come on!  Seeing as I am the Foursquare Mayor of my local 7-11, I expect better.  I demand better.  I tell shrugging owner that “there’s been a lot of hype”, then mumble that “I suppose I can just get a regular Slurpee” (with a side of beef jerky, of course).

So far, Slurpee Mix Maker Cup and straw duo:  All talk, no delivery. ~AKH