More than a spoonfull of sugar

On this hot day I stopped by DD for a cool treat and this is what I got:

Iced Caramel Latte "lite"

I asked for real sugar instead of Splenda® b/c I don’t trust artificial sugars.  The sugar I requested is pictured above as the darker layer at the bottom of the cup.  I’ll ignore the fact there is entirely too much milk in this ghostly beverage and focus on the sugar.  I’ve taken measurements.  The cup is 4.5″ tall.  The sugar measures 0.75″ high, meaning that my beverage is at least 17% sugar, and that number doesn’t even include the sugar contained in the caramel syrup.  Who in their right mind would want to consume that proportion of sugar in one beverage?!  I refuse to believe Dunkin’ Brands® doesn’t have a standardization of ingredient measurements.  Looks like this DD needs to train their employees properly. ~AKH