As we all know, Hurricane Irene is supposed to hit land with a vengeance this weekend.  Her first target:  North Carolina.  Things don’t look too good for Hatteras Island:

“Some of the region’s most popular destinations rely on the ailing Bonner Bridge, which was built in 1963 and intended to last 30 years, to connect Hatteras Island to the northern Outer Banks. There’s no other way to reach Hatteras except by boat.

The bridge handles about 2 million cars a year and the state DOT ranks it a 2 on its safety meter, with 100 being the highest, or most safe, designation.” (source:  MSN)

How is this allowed?  First of all, who builds a bridge assuming it only needs to last 30 years?  Secondly, who decided in 1993 that it would be a good idea to use the bridge at least 20 years past its prime?  Thirdly, it’s almost comical that a bridge that has a safety rating of 2 out of a possible 100 is still in operation.  God speed Hatteras Island.  God speed.  ~AKH