Mother Nature, you Biotch, couldn’t you wait until I got into the office to monsoon upon the town?  When I left the house, there was no rain.  In the 3 mile drive to the office, the deluge began.  Trenton streets flood in 2 seconds, so in my 4 block walk from the parking lot to the office, I found myself wading through 6″ of water at the curbs.  Unfortunately, (according to my sister) I dress like a frump (aka my clothes are one size too big), so now that the bottoms of my jeans are soaked, I find them weighed down.  My pants are sagging gangsta style.  The only good part of this is now I’ll fit right in among the good people of downtown Trenton.  I’m thinking so as to not experience culture shock, I might start with “Healthy Saggingin” as defined by Urban Dictionary:  “When you sag with a belt on. Typically done by white people or black nerds. Has all the effects of sagging except, you don’t have pull your pants up every five minutes.”  Eventually I may transition into “Bro Pants,” again defined by Urban Dictionary:  ” Loose sagging jeans with large colored pockets typically worn by “bros”. South Pole is a popular brand. Associated with hip hop urban culture. Usually accompanied by boxer shorts and oversized t-shirt or jacket. ”  ~AKH