The following is a gchat conversation between your Bag of Jerky authors describing today’s events.  It has been slightly edited in the spirit of conciseness.  ~AKH


CQH:  I walked outside and opened up my umbrella (in a monsoon) and one of the arms on it bent, broke, and poked a hole in my umbrella. Then as I rounded the corner toward Energy Kitchen, my jeans got caught on a sign sticking off of the side of a building and they ripped, so I had to go to the Gap and get new jeans.  Then when i FINALLY made it to EK they were out of sweet potatoes.

AKH: Where did your jeans rip?
CQH:  The inside seam…huge gaping hole.
AKH:  I’m not even sure how that happened.
CQH:  NEITHER AM I!  It got snagged on the outside!
AKH:  Very strange….I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m laughing.
CQH:  Yeah it was funny:  Funny to see some douchenozzle hobbling down the street trying to cover her exposed bathing suit parts with a half-dispatched umbrella.
CQH:   I’m too ashamed.