I had a miserable dream on Sunday night:  I was on a subway platform and I watched some guy jump out in front of the train and saw all of his body parts go flying. Then the next train that came was one of those open flatbed ones that carry garbage, but they made everyone get on it anyway, so I was sitting in open air as the train rolled over this guy’s pieces.  It was terrible. Then I went to my parents house to tell everybody what happened, but I had to go through one of those haunted house walkthroughs (which I HATE) to get there. I was so upset about seeing the guy die I went nuts on all the things in the haunted house, like ripping dummies heads off and punching the real people in costume in the face. When I finally made it to my parent’s kitchen nobody would listen to my story about the guy on the train tracks. It was horrible. ~CQH