Medical advice on the internet should be banned, because people like me google themselves into medical school as a result.  For example, I’ve been experiencing mild, bruise-like pain at the top of my left kneecap as of late.  I don’t recall slamming my knee into any foreign objects, nor do I see a bruise, so naturally, I turned to google.  After approximately 5 minutes of searching I have diagnosed myself with “Quadriceps Tendonitis” and advised myself to stop running for 4-6 weeks.  Well, my runner-self is not happy with my doctor-self.  Doesn’t my doctor know that if I don’t run at least 6 days a week I’ll die?  I’ve convinced myself that the only reason I’m thin is because I run, so if I were to cease running, I’d balloon to ginormous proportions and have to be rolled into an early grave, all as a result of lack of exercise for one month. See?  This is why real doctors hate the internet. ~AKH