I’m all for being comfortable at all times.  I should have been a boy scout (if I were a dude), because I am always prepared for comfort.  I especially try to extend the comforts of home into the workplace.  Should I die an early death and someone else be saddled with the task of cleaning out my office, he’d find:

  • a pair of fuzzy socks in my lower desk drawer.
  • a heated seat cushion attached to my office chair.
  • a stash of candy on my desk.
  • a 6-cup coffee maker on my radiator cover.
  • assorted coffees (regular, decaff, caramel, vanilla) for aforementioned coffee maker.
  • various holiday decorations according to the season.
  • a circa 1982 General Electric AM/FM Stereo Clock Radio Cassette Recorder atop my bookshelf.
  • cleaning supplies including dish soap, a dish towel, and, of course Murphy Oil (for the hardwood floor) in my front desk drawer.
  • toothpaste and a toothbrush alongside the cleaning supplies.
  • boxes of granola bars and pretzels on the top shelf of my closet-turned-pantry.
  • and, of course, a stock of 240 rootbeer and butterscotch flavored DumDum Lollipops atop the filing cabinet in my “pantry.”

State of the art Stereo Cassette Player bedecked with Halloween décor