Well folks, the Christmas Countdown has been ruined.  A few years ago, I hand-made an advent calendar complete with little pods so that our family could have 24 chocolatey countdown days to Christmas.  Well apparently, we missed 3 of those days last year and failed to empty those pods’ contents before storing the calendar in the attic.  This is what I found when I sought to put up the decorations this year:

When I unwrapped the calendar, I saw that days 2 and 4 still had chocolates in their pods.  Some jerk attic mouse took it upon himself to try to eat these chocolates this summer.  In his attempts to get at the candy, he devoured my paper craftsmanship, leaving mere shreds behind (note:  see evidence to left of calendar pictured above).  He was kind enough to leave the numbers intact, so that I could identify the days whose chocolates had been neglected.  One can only assume that a chocolate was also left in day 21, because the little bastard seems to have carted the entire day 21 pod away with him.  The lid remains, as does the decorative ring for the bottom half of the container, but the pod itself is missing.  Seriously. It is nowhere to be found.  Where he failed at days 2 and 4, he appears to have had great success with day 21.  As I type this, I’m realizing one of these pods would be quite cumbersome for a small mouse to carry.  Maybe we’re dealing with a larger animal here.  Perhaps a squirrel.  Or a wildebeest. ~AKH

Wildebeest (Source: Wikipedia)