Like the rest of the country, my thoughts have been consumed by the possibility of winning the Mega Millions Lottery, which is likely to top $600 million tonight.  Because my attempt at winning the 2012 HGTV Dream House (damn you Vicki!) didn’t pan out, I’ve decided to set my sights higher and invest $1 in my chance at an ungodly amount of millions.  I’ve laid out my plan for when I become the sole winning ticket holder.  The plan goes as follows:

1.  Take the lump sum, which should be around $400 million before taxes.  Not exactly chump change.  Even I’M not stupid enough to blow through that before I die, so the roughly $20 million a year for $26 years option seems like it’s not worth the required patience.  Besides, I want to make more millions with my millions and that will happen more quickly with the lump sum option.  I can only invest a portion of my winnings though (see step #2 below).

2.  Build a Scrooge McDuck vault.  Once said vault is constructed, I’ll have a large portion of my remaining winnings converted to coins so that I may swim in my riches.  I my opinion, no one is better at being rich than Scrooge McDuck.

That’s it.  Those are my plans. ~AKH