I just watched a fascinating news story about doctors enabling blind patients to see with the aid of a bionic eye. Now, not to overshadow this amazing medical and technological advancement (because let’s be honest, a bionic eye is pretty friggin’ amazing), but I couldn’t help but notice the decor of the (formerly) blind man’s home.  Here’s a screenshot from the interview:

I’ve taken the liberty of circling the not one, but two possibly framed images of Vampire Diaries star Ian Sommerhalder in the patient’s home. To me, this is proof positive that this man had his sight restored, because anyone with vision would be glad to get a daily glimpse of the perfect specimen of the human species that is Ian Sommerhalder.  ~AKH

Oh, and as a bonus, here’s an unobscured picture of Ian Sommerhalder:

Source: imdb.com