Yesterday our town’s annual 4th of July parade passed in front of our house.  In order to ensure prime parade-watching real estate, Dad put three plastic chairs and two canvas folding chairs in the shade of the tree in our front yard around 8am.  By 9:15am, they had been stolen.  Never in the 28 years that we have lived along the parade route have our chairs been stolen, so we weren’t going to let this slide.  Brother alerted us as he thought he saw them quote “in front of the ugly houses” so Dad and I, needing no further explanation, walked down toward the ugly houses to steal them back. On our walk, Dad said we were “in the middle of a hot pursuit,” a classic Smokey and the Bandit reference.  But alas, the spotted chairs were not ours.  And there was a geriatric woman sitting in one, so we’d have to tip her out to get them back anyway.  Happy 4th everyone! ~AKH